I've got several netware 6 SP5 servers, config: MP 2GHz Xeon running with
4GB of memory. All of them startup with just +- 250000 cache buffers left
out of original 981972 with no NLM's running.

I have an other netware 6 SP4 server, config: MP 1.4Ghz PIII server with
3GB of ram installed. After startup with no running NLM's, +- 509000
cache buffers left out of original 785391.

Nss /Cachebalance = 60 for all the servers.

What has happened with all my cache buffers of my 4GB servers ?? Those
servers don't run longer than maximum 18 or they abend. What is causing
this ?? Will removing 1GB solve this issue ??

Best Regards,

Ben Fransen