UPgraded HP ML370 server to NW65SP3 a couple weeks ago. Also has updated
server.exe and nss patch. Haven't had any apparent problems until today
while in iManager (2.0.2), trying to load a new ndps printer driver for
printer. iManager gave back "server encountered an internal error"
message and won't let me get back in.

On Logger screen at server is a Java: Page fault processer exception
while executing class org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap
EIP:692164A9, EFLAGS:10246, EAX:0, ECX:B8E76C34, EDX:0
EBX:B8C65788, ESP:7B1828B4, EBP:22, ESI:B8C65788, EDI:6
The exception occurred while executing code in JVM.NLM (6910c000)
The exception occurred running thread: Java_693 TP-Proce (73EED360)
Java.Class org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap exited with status -5

On server console, there is no abend showing, but the last message
indicates: Loading JNDPS.NLM

My JVM version is 1.42.05 dated 1-5-05. The JNDPS.NLM version is 4.00
dated 8-24-04.

There is also nothing appended to abend.log

Java -show brings up only 2 processes running: one is an app for my UPS
shutdown, the other is org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap ID 389

Looks like all my java stuff shut down. Any ideas?