I have been trying various solutions to this problem. Took the server off
the LAN and ran it by itself for a day with no abends. Reconnected it to
the internal LAN and disabled all port forwards from the Gateway/Router
directed to the internal IP Address. In this case the server ran without
abends for another 3 days. Not 2 hours after re-enabling the Port forwards
to my internal Server IP my server locked up and upon rebooting I had the
same Server Abend: CPU Hog detected by timer that I posted in my first reply.

I have opened more port forwards (10-8000) than I need b/c documentation is
not clear as to the specific ports I need open for running Novell 6.5 SBS
with Groupwise SP4. So first I need to limit this list to the ports that my
server actually needs to communicate on.
My next test is to selectively open these forwarding ports until I discover
which is causing the crash.

Any suggestions as to the cause or a possible solution?