I have posted details of the abend I have been getting (See = Mon, 18 Jul
2005 12:02:18 UTC).

Many thanks to Hamish for his helpful info. of putting on SP3 and
Server.exe and the NSS update.

Am currently running 6.5 SP1 (the affected server). I have another server
running Groupwise on a Novell NetWare 5.1 Support Pack Revision 06, Server
Version 5.00.10 February 27 2003 NDS Version 7.62c 14 July 2003.
Am just a bit concerned as itís quite a major update and I donít want to
cause more problems than I fix, as the abend (Kernel detected an attempted
context switch in an MPK Fast WTD) is not very frequent at present, but
would still like to stop this from happening.
Would love to know the exact reason for this abend as the last 2 were the
early hours of a Sunday morning. Am I right in thinking that MPK is Multi
Processor Kernel and WTD is Work To Do? Other than that I canít get down
to the cause.

Has anyone experienced any problems with these updates? Will I need to
patch up the 5.1 server (as this is running well and has been for some
time, I would like to steer clear unless absolutely necessary).
Is there anything else I should be aware of before the BIG day?

Any help/advise would be very greatfully received.