Hi All,

I have a client that is running a 4 Node NetWare 6 SP5 cluster. The data
volume has been clustered and everything has been working fine.
Recentl;y they introduced a NetWare 6.5 SP2 server in the tree and then
set up the Websearch/quickfinder function on the NW6.5 server. The
quickfinder indexes 4 NetWare 6 servers and is also configured to index
the Data volume on the SAN. Everything will be fine for about 3 days
then users will lose access to the Data volume. The users can reboot and
map drives but when they select the drives that are clustered they get
an error message that the drives cannot be accessed. The solution is to
reboot the NetWare 6 cluster servers then all will be fine for another 3

While the server has been in this state everything seems to be fine,
Utilization is low, buffers seem fine, _IP and _TCP seem fine with
plenty free ECB's. It's a weird issue that's driving me crazy. Short of
submitting a coredump does nyone have any suggestions that might help
with this weird issue?