> > The 3rd abend in my first post is an 'Abend 1', it's an 'EIP in
> > which is what the other two servers produce too.
> >
> > Two of these servers have two 9gb unmirrored drives, and one has a

> > array. Only one of the three servers is using MPS14.PSM, the others

are on
> > ACPIDRV and these are just standard NW6.5 installs with a single dos
> > partition. But they all show this behaviour.
> >

> Hmm, are these clone systems or 'regular' servers? If the latter, what
> make/models are involved.
> Not sure what's going on here -- it is not the sort of thing I'd test
> on my production servers <smile>. I also haven't seen reports from
> others about this.
> --
> Barry Schnur
> Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop

I've run some tests on this as well. I have a Dell PowerEdge 2650 wich 4
processors and 4gb ram. With NW65SP3 (no NSS Patch, but yes to SERVER.EXE
patch), I can load & unload DOSFAT.NSS infinitely, regardless of which PSM
I'm running (none, ACPI, MPS).

After loading the NSS patch, DOSFAT.NSS loads & unloads if I am not
running any PSM, but once I load either ACPI or MPS support, it abends
when trying to unload DOSFAT.NSS (not always on the first try - sometimes
you've gotta try it twice).

I'll play with it more tomorrow.