Bare with me, I am farely new to Novell :)

I am getting an error message on our Novell 6 server.

Warning! Server experienced a critical error. The offending process was
suspended or recovered. However, services hosted by this server may have
been affected.

It just randomly comes up everynow and then. Everything "seems" to be
working properly, no one usually gets booted off the server or
anything. So it may seem no services were affected.

Possibly Problem:

When looking at the remote manager, I do see the CPU utilization being

If I restart the server, everything shows as good under the health
monitor, but randomly, CPU Utilization will all the sudden go to 100%
and it will stay there until restarting again.

Im not sure if this is whats causing the error message to come up but
Im thinking more then likely yes.

The thread count above CPU Utilization is also in a suspect status.

I have including a screenshow below

'Remote Manager' (