our ZfD4.01.ir6 on NW6.0.4 was updated to SP5. After that for the first
time I recognized, that the server hangs after every reboot. Entering
debugger shows, that it's in real mode. (ACD *DOES* cause a reboot also)

after "gp" several times there comes a "work to do didn't finish ...",
then the server is up and working without any problems 'til the next

no ABENDs.

Loaded from [C:\NWSERVER]
(Address Space = OS)
Version 3.16.03 3 May 2004
Copyright (C) 2000-2004 ICP vortex Computersysteme GmbH

hosting a 0,9 TB SATA RAID5

Loaded from [C:\NWSERVER]
(Address Space = OS)
Adaptec Ultra160 Host Adapter Module
Version 18.31.13 19 November 2003
Copyright (c) 2003 Adaptec Inc.

hosting a Tandberg SLR60 for AS9.01SP1

Loaded from [C:\NWSERVER]
(Address Space = OS)
Adaptec Ultra320 Host Adapter Module
Version 2.00.13 25 March 2003
Copyright 2003 Adaptec, Inc. All rights reserved.

currently unused. (yes, could comment out this one for the next reboot)
no cabling at all on this adapter.

Regards, Rudi.