I have two compaq ML 370 G3's on a tree with one other server. Both of the
compaqs are the same hardware. 4Gb of RAM 4x72GB drives on a raid 5 array.
For the year that this system has been up both servers would report roughly:

982000 Orginal Cache Buffers
270,000 Total Cache Buffers

these have roughly remained constant through out their operation and both
servers have roughly equal load. One has slightly more home directories and
the other has more printers, but roughly equal. This is a University
servers and there are thousands of home directories. The performance overal
is very good for both servers.

However over the last few weeks one of the servers keeps reporting more and
more Total Cache Buffers and this increases every day. I can;t see any
noticeable performance issues, though its hard to say because during the
summer they are not used as much as normal.

Any thoughts, because I am worried that when the students get back there
will be some noticeable problems.