In your title you say it hangs, but in the text you only mention abends.
Which is it?

If hangs: Next time it happens try to get into the Debugger with
shift-shift-alt-esc. If nothing happens you almost certainly have a
hardware fault.

If you get to a # prompt you are in the debugger, and the problem may be
software or hardware. Do ?<enter> to see what routine and module you are
in. Note those down, and do that again the next 2 or 3 times the problem
happens. If it is always in the same place then the problem is probably
in that module, if it is in different places all the time it is likely
to be a hardware fault.

If abends: Please post the *complete* entry of "Abend 0", "Abend 1" or
"Break 1" from sys:system/abend.log. If there is no Abend 0/1, pls Set
auto restart after abend =0 to maximise the chance that the server can
write the first abend to the log next time. Thank you.
Andrew C Taubman
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