About twice a Day the server stops and may or may not log an Abend and
may or may not reboot on its own.

Here is the Server Health Log File information from the last failure:

Thursday, 8-11-2005 4:44 pm
Failed Logins Per Hour on server RRC_SERV2 was in a SUSPECT State
Current Value - 11
Peak Value - 11
Max Value - N/A
Current SUSPECT threshold = More than 4 Failed Logins and Critical
threshold = More than 12 Failed Logins
Current SUSPECT trigger delay = -1 and Critical trigger delay = -1

This is running 6.5SP3 on an HP LH4 with 4 Gig Ram, 4x700CPU's, 2 Raid
arrays... Array 0 is a two drive Raid 1, and Array 2 is a 4 drive Array
5. We have two hot spares running as well. The Raid Controller is an HP
NetRaid Adapter wtih BIOS VER B.02.03 Nov 02,2000 Emulation=I20.

I am pretty new at Novell... I've used it for years but never had any
problems. After the SP3 upgrade I had a problem with CPU utilisation
and followed a recommendation to do the following:

Went to a workstation. Used Explorer against server drive to:

Reboot the server.

This seemed to get the CPU utilisation back to normal.

We run this with about 5-9 workstations logged in at the same time.
Believe it or not, over the past two months, I've swapped out all NICS,
all cables, All switches, router, DSL router, and invididually left
workstations on and off to test if they are the problem. Even moved
every workstation into cooled computer room with two AC running at 19C
AND run KVM cables to the work areas so all CPU's, switches etc nice
and cool. Heck of a lot of work and various other mickey mouse problems
have gone away but this big monkey is still on my back.

One other thing, occasionally when it fails and tries to restart we get

ERROR: Critical Sectioning Prevents Requested FATFS Operation

This then hangs the system. I have found that when this occurs it's
always after an improper DOWN (did not finish down). If you then reboot
it again and then do an orderly DOWN and make sure it completes, it then
boots clean thereafter. Took me a couple of runs through before this
twigged. I have no idea why but if I follow the drill it then comes
back up OK.

Any help would be much appreciated. I'm pretty ignorant but I keep
notes and learn quick!

Thanks... Kelsey.

Kelsey Spring