I have a NetWare 6 server with SP5. ON this server, I have ZFD 4.0.1
with IR6 and ZFS 3.0.2 with IR3A. The server has 1GB of memory. What
happens is on first boot, the server has about 50% cache buffers. Over
time, the cache buffer percentage decreases to about 20% and I get the
Java error and the ZFS alarms stop processing. Here is the full error.

at java.net.PlainDatagramSocketImpl.peek(Native Method)
at java.net.DatagramSocket.receive(DatagramSocket.jav a, Compiled Code)
at Snmp2.SnmpSession.receiver(SnmpSession.java, Compiled Code)
at Snmp2.SnmpSession.run(SnmpSession.java:188)
at com.novell.managewise.lego.LegoSnmpSession.run
Error: java.lang.Thread Death

All the memory "leaking" seems to be going into Miscellaneous memory.
I've tried using the Xms and Xmx switches in the tomcat33.ncf file,
adding extra memory to DBSRV07, and lastly to limit the amount of the
swap file since I thought that what was taking up the Miscellaneous
memory. None have helped.

I guess my quesiton is, I cannot find in remote manager nor in Monitor
how to track what is taking up the Miscellaneous memory. Can someone