Server locked up 2 weeks ago and since then it has gone from bad to
worse. There has never been an abend and the Dell server seems to pass
all the internal test as per Dell Tech Support. Dell seems to think the
Perc cache chip is bad and an error message suggests the same. Meanwhile
I have since replaced the chip with a spare but my server problem has not
gone away. The server basically sits at 50% utilization from boot to
production. I have remarked almost all lines in the autoexec.ncf and
still 50%. Interestingly, the server never abends. It synchronizes time
and appears to work properly from the console, beyond that you can not do
anything. If you load say Broker the server stops responding (or is not
responsive beyond my patience). Blustery I know.

The server is running NW6.5 SP2. My thinking is when the server crashed
the first time it may have corrupted some system files./?

Since the server will not perform any other functions beyond getting
started I have abandoned the idea of applying SP3 to the box. I am
thinking of performing an in-place upgrade to NW6.5 SP3.

Thoughts on all points appreciated.