Dear Support,

Sorry if this is a repeat of my previous message, but I have patched my
NW6.5 server to sp3, and applied nw65os3a.exe and n65nss3a.exe.
This was carried out over the weekend, in addition the gw 6.5.1 system
(inc gw web access and gwia) was moved over from another server and
updated to 6.5.4.
I have not yet done the HP support pack or the firmware (server is a hp
dl380 p4 2.8 with 1GB ram)

The server is running OK, but the 'available cache buffers' was around
137,000 after the migration was completed and now has dropped to round
98,000 original cache buffers is 260,000 (server has 1GB RAM). This is
over a couple of days.

I want to see how this behaves over the following two weeks, but am
worried I may still have a memory leak.

Should I be throwing more memory at the server (only has 30 users at this
office) or is NSS doing what it should and using memory as required. And
only a concern for me if it drops below 20% of total cache buffers.

I know there is a memory tuning document, but this seems fairly complex.
Do I still need to adopt the instructions or can I put my faith in
netware's automatic tuning of the memory.

Thanks in advance,

Regards, Adrian.