Couple of months ago I got Netware 6.5 SP3 (OES) installed and today for
the first time I tried to look at iFolder. I installed iFolder during the
server installation (which was done with overlay CDs), so it should be
version 2.1.5.

When I go to iFolder admin start page https://myserver/iFolderServer/Admin
(which BTW says Novell iFolder version 2.0), click on Global Settings and
try to log in with name and password of admin equivalent user, the server
immediately abends!

On 4 times out of 7 tries, the server created an abend.log and restarted.
On other 3 times the server just froze with "multiple abends" and had to be
power cycled.

One of the abend.log's can be seen here:

When I started up, I had the following post SP3 patches applied:
NICI 2.6.7

During today's troubleshooting I also appled:

Also, I upgraded the LAN and RAID drivers to latest. None of this seems to
have made any difference.

Another interesting point: *sometimes* when I go to aforementioned iFolder
admin URL, I get "Error 400: Bad request!" message (see

And another point: iManager works fine, always has.