I have two NW6 servers with this problem. One has SP4, the other SP5. Each
is abending every other day. Here is part of the abend log. Thanks in
advance for any help.

Server LEBUNEM01 halted Friday, September 2, 2005 12:21:53.151 pm
Abend 1 on P00: Server-5.60.05: Page Fault Processor Exception (Error code

CS = 0060 DS = 007B ES = 007B FS = 007B GS = 007B SS = 0068
EAX = 89B11540 EBX = 31051206 ECX = 00000000 EDX = CFA59F9C
ESI = 00000000 EDI = 89B11540 EBP = CFA5A788 ESP = CFA59D70
EIP = 844E9668 FLAGS = 00010206
844E9668 8B4308 MOV EAX,[EBX+08]=?
EIP in IPPSRVR.NLM at code start +00015668h
Access Location: 0x3105120E

The violation occurred while processing the following instruction:
844E9668 8B4308 MOV EAX,[EBX+08]
844E966B 83C00D ADD EAX,0000000D
844E966E 50 PUSH EAX
844E966F 6A01 PUSH 01
844E9671 E8FA74C447 CALL THREADS.NLM|calloc
844E9676 89C2 MOV EDX,EAX
844E9678 83C408 ADD ESP,00000008
844E967B 85C0 TEST EAX,EAX
844E967D 742A JZ 844E96A9
844E967F 85F6 TEST ESI,ESI

Running process: httpexpThread29 Process
Thread Owned by NLM: HTTPSTK.NLM
Stack pointer: CFA5B618
OS Stack limit: CFA53740
Scheduling priority: 67371008
Wait state: 3030070 Yielded CPU
Stack: --00000000 ?
--CFA5A1C4 ?
--CFA5A788 ?
--CFA5A1F4 ?
844DD2BC (IPPSRVR.NLM|(Code Start)+92BC)