I got up this morning to find that my server must have gone down and tried
to start back up. During the SERVER.EXE, while loading the NLMs, it hangs
and breaks out to the :<prompt> with an error message of:

The critical component (CPUCHECK.NLM) was not loaded or executed or is
missing. Netware canot function without this component

I downed the server to the c:\NWSERVER prompt. I did a dir of cpucheck.nlm
and found the file. CPUCHECK.NLM 15,139 4-11-03 8:28A

Has anyone encountered this problem, and have an easy fix. I just
installed this Netware server a month ago using Netware 6.5. I have not
installed any patches, and was in the process of installing my tape backup.
I do have files on here that I don't want to loose.

Please, if someone can provide a easy fix, please email me at

Thank You