I originally started a thread on Aug 11th regarding Abends on this
system. Some quick background.
HP LH4 NetServer. 4x700 Pentium III, 4 Gigs Ram, 2 Raid Arrays... 50
Gig Mirror Raid 1 for OS, 150 Gig Raid 5 for Data.

Had upgraded it to N6.5 SP3 before but ran into all sorts of Abends.
Finally when we tried to replace the MegaRaid drivers the whole system
locked up and would not reboot. Replacing the old drivers did not
help... we were hooped at that point. This is all described in the Aug
11th thread.

Completely reloaded fresh N6.5 from CD. Did NOT upgrade to SP3. (have
had a bad history on SP3 upgrades... did two systems and had to backout
both of them). Has been much more stable than when running SP3 but still
some grief. Set the Auto Restart to 0 to capture the Abend 0 or 1 to

The Abend Log is attached.

I'd really appreciate any help in getting to the bottom of this. *I'm a
neophyte * at troubleshooting Novell... Used it for 10-15 years but
until I ran into N6.5 and SP3 it just ran and ran and ran. Now I'm on a
steep learning curve. Thanks Much.

|Filename: ABEND.pdf |
|Download: http://www.ndsengineers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=1138|

Kelsey Spring