We are having the same problem. We add 1 gb of memory in the serer, since
them server.nlm is taking 1.2gb of memory.
Did you find a solution?

<weingo@verizon.net> wrote in message
> The server.nlm on my Netware 6.5 SP1a server keeps grabbing more memory
> than it needs. I noticed that after restarting the server due to "cache
> memory allocator out of available memory" error, server.nlm was allocated
> 62MB but was actually using 602MB. Three days later, it had grabbed
> additional 60MB, totalling 662MB. Right now as Am typing this, it has
> grabbed additional 600MB, thus using 1.2GB.
> Below is the basic server configuration:
> Total physical memory= 5GB memory
> Harddrives=6 ( 2 drives mirrored as SYS volume, 3 drives RAID 5, and 1
> drive Hotspare).
> No webaccess services installed (NRM is enabled)
> Arcserve 9.01 - Only 107MB reserved Btrieve
> Powerchute for Business Edition
> Any ideas how to rectify this problem ? I have not tried SP1b