Hi all.

I am having the 100% cpu problem that a lot of people have asked about. Servers, 2 netware 6, sp3 servers, one with traditional volumes and one without. Both are single processor machines. Workstations are all either Windows 2000 or Windows XP Pro.

This just started happening today on the server with traditional volumes. It seems to happen about once an hour or so. I can find nothing that could be causing this. I have followed several suggestions that were given in the tids and this forum, including the oplocks and client caching suggestions, which had already been set. I have been at service pack 3 for over a year now and have not had this problem before.

Kernel - busy threads shows server 00:78 at the top and NRM-Profile debug puts server.nlm at the top as well. The last time it happened, I disconnected the server from the network to see if it was something external. The cpu stayed at 100%.

Anybody have any suggestions for me to try? Can a person find out more about what server.nlm is doing, perhaps with the thread ID number?

Thanks for any help anybody might provide.
Scott Schaffer

Scott Schaffer
Olive Waller Zinkhan & Waller