Hi There!

We have this old DOS App that was working perfectly under
NetWare 5.1

We did a cross wire migration to NW65SP3 and Then SP4.

Now the dos application will not run. It will bring up the
inital screen but when you try and login, it hangs or gives
an error about
cannot find file "logon". I have tried just with IPX and
just IP and neither works. Oplocks 1 and 2 are OFF.
I have increased file and record locks per connection and
file and record locks substantially no help.
Packet trace confirms it cannot find the file but its there
and shareable. It references other files in the same
directory which its happy with.
Tried 98 and XP pc's and different versions of the client on
each of the PC's

Tried using NSS and trad volumes. Logged in as ADMIN.

Any assistance appreciated.