Netware 6.5.4 server.

Dell 2650 w/ a gig of RAM.

For reasons not entirely clear to me, the past few days I've gotten lots of
complaints about speed. This might coincide w/ SP4.

1. Any recommendations on tools to actually measure server speed (file

2. This slowness seems to be especially bad while running accounting apps.

3. I've turned on oplocks on this server. The users already had the
client-side oplocks enabled. Do users need to restart their workstations to
see any speed bump? And, are the horror stories with oplocks completely

4. Manually set all the nics to 100 mbps / half. I'm running unmanaged
switches. Can I assume that I'm out of the parity mismatch woods?

5. Any other ideas? I'm about ready to install a hub and try some packet

Tim Wohlford