I have been having varied abends seemingly around the time I added to new 144GB Hardware Mirrored Drives to my Pool1. Pool1 hosts all volumes except sys. I recently applied sp4 and the post sp4 nss patch, n65nss4a. Since applying these patches my server has not abended on its own as it had been previously. It does abend whenever we try to salvage files on any volume, including sys on a different pool. I am not convinced I will not have more spontaneous abends yet, however I am hopeful. I am also not sure if this salvage files abend is new or related. I have done /pollverify, and /poolrebuild to no avail. I would appreciate any advice on this, the problem has been very elusive to me thus far.

P.S. My Abend.log will not attach due to its from the number of Abends its had. Is there somewhter I can FTP to?