A couple problems, one with each server...
1) One server is running groupwise 6.5.4 on Netware 6.5.3 with post
updates. Once and a while JAVA will go nuts and use 98% of the processors
(2), making the server really slow. I've found that simply unloading and
reloading java will fix the issue. Any ideas why this is happening?

2) The other server runs ZenWorks for desktops 4 with SP1b, NDPS, and
NetStorage on netware 6.5.3 with post updates. Occasionally the server
processor (single) will spike because of an apache thread. I try to
unload apache and the server will just hang and I must reboot it. I've
been able to recreate this problem by trying to upload a large file
through netstorage and then cancelling it. The processor would
immediately spike and abend with memory issues. I found a post SP3 update
for netstorage and put that on. All has been well for about a week now,
but now the processor will continue to spike because of apache, but will
not abend. but I still have to reboot. Any thoughts?