I run 6.5.3 with NW65OS3A implemented back in July - This server runs my
groupwise POA's, MTA, Gwia. Last night at 2:20 am the server just rebooted
itself. It was sitting at the "C:\nwserver" I don't have it atuomatically
reboot because I want to know when this is happening. Anyway I restarted
the system and it seem to come up fine so I went into system directory to
look to see if there was anything in the abend log, there was no abend.log
at all. I entered the server IP addresses into my browser to get to Remote
Manager to see if both my mirrored disks were still intact and mirrored
(NSS disks). I got a server error 500 on the browser page. I then entered
the IP:8008 and I got into the system, it did display the "IP:8009" (in
the location box)but that's ok I guess. Both disks seem to up and running
(mirrored as well).

2 questions:
Is there any thing I can do to try to track this rebbot of the system down?
When this type of thing happens what should I use to check the system out?

I'm looking at this forum to cover the server end, I will copy this to the
groupwise forum to see if any know of anything in groupwise that could
cause this.

Any help would be apprciated thanks - RJM