I have 3 NW 6.5 SP5 servers with NWOS5a and NSS5a at my College. The
first day our new students arrived for orientation last week, all three
servers started abending on a daily basis. The abends are really odd
because there are always 32 of them in a row, not more, not less, and
the server only writes 2 or 3 of the middle abends to the log file,
never abend 1.

I've set auto restart after abend to 0 on one of the servers and it
appears the abend is happening in SLP.NLM. I don't have a log to post
at the moment because of problems writing to disk. I'll try to get that
at the next abend cycle.

On another server I tried applying winsock6j and nwlib6h, but no joy.

Any idea anyone?


Dan Vander Ploeg
University of Illinois College of Law