In Feburary of 2006 I posted an issue that I was having with a server and
memory fragmentation. Hamish did a wonderful job in helping resolve that
issue. I am now having issues with that server again and I believe its
memory related. I would like to remove the settings put in place at the
time of the original fix and update to the latest server.exe and see if
that fixes my problem without having to manually tune memory.

Original Thread Found here:

Hamish had me do 3 things:

Added the following lines to the autoexec.ncf

set file cache maximum size=1934851072
set auto tune server memory=off
set fs cache pool minimum pages=524288
set fs cache pool desired pages=786432
set vm cache pool percentage=5
set vm cache pool maximum pages percentage=5

Added a -u statement to the server.exe in the autoexec.bat

Changed the DS Caching from auto to a fixed number.

I want to put the Server back to its original settings prior to the update.
What are the steps to go about doing this? Do I just remove the
statements from the autoexec files and turn ds caching back to auto? Thanks.