You'd assume that if you've updated to the latest Winnebago Spectrum
5.3 Server software in the Spring of 2006, that it'd include an update to
its Faircom database server, for this problem that I see was documented
way back in 2004.

But you'd be wrong.

Faircom does not like my Netware 6.5 SP4 server. Really. It hates my
server with a such a vengeance that it somehow manages to crash the
server via IPXSPX even when the protocol is disabled by INETCFG,
and when F_TCPIP is the only entry in the Faircom server config.

And the kicker.... it is somehow managing to destroy the
C:\NWSERVER directory. As in overwriting the directory structure
and killing the server's ability to boot.

Path not found

Bad command or file name

Windows 98 Scandisk says "I found these files named "A!B!C!D.!E!",
"F!0!1!2!.3!4", "!5!6!7!8.!9!" which will be renamed FILE0001.CHK,

Ever tried to resurrect a (formerly) active server's DOS boot directory,
when this is the server with your tape backup drive and Backup Exec

(Guess what I'm working on right at this moment.)

Since Novell doesn't feel it necessary to provide any mechanism to
scan NSS volumes for possible data corruption, there is no way that
I can verify that only the DOS partition is being harmed by whatever
weirdness is occurring here. Perhaps a similar overwritten-sector
timebomb is hiding in SYS or VOL1, but I'll never be able to know it.


"Linda" <> wrote in message
> There appears to be an issue with Netware 6.5 and Follett/Faircom.
> I have talked with Follett and the helpdesk person could not give me any
> details, although a public announcement is coming.
> We are upgrading 32 servers which will be running Netware 6.5 and Follett.
> Follett apparently discovered issue recently so there were not any
> details.
> Per my previous conversations with Follett there were no known issues with
> Netware 6.