We have just moved over to VLANS on our netware 6.5 environment.
We have 12 VLANS in total and our main server which is servicing our 1800 students and 250 staff is experiencing high utilization for very long periods of time during the day.

Before we put in place the VLANS it wasn't like this.

This server is also the DHCP server for all of the VLANS as well.

The server has Netware 6.5 SP 5 with the latest msm.nlm and Ethertsm.nlm patches installed.

We have 2 Broadcom B57 network cards installed in load balancing mode as we did before the VLANS were setup.

Is there anything that I may of missed which could be causing the high utilization?

On looking at the remote manager I have noticed that MSMAESProcedure+1B0 seems to consume most of the processing power.

Thanks for any help that can be offered