Hello, and thanks for any advice you might offer.

I adminster a workgroup server cluster consisting of two Dell PowerEdge
servers and a SCSI PowerVault using the native 2-node clustering in NW6. We
also have a converted PC running to hold an additional replica in a building
separate from the cluster. All three servers have NW6SP5 and eDir 8.6.2 smp
and use IP only.

On the server usually running as the primary in the cluster I have been
seeing the
following error message. About two weeks ago the server crashed due to a cpu
while I was working with our network people on a slow data transfers from
not to) the cluster.

Since then this server has been the secondary in the cluster, but it
continues to show
the same error, so I haven't moved the cluster resouces back to it.

Work To Do Response Time on server CIESERVER2 was in a SUSPECT State
Current Value - 1
Peak Value - 1
Max Value - 1

After less than one minute, the Work To Do Response Time is back to a good
This can occur at times of peak use or when no one is logged in.

I have attached a config.txt file and abend log information.