I have been having issues with unlocking the screensaver on our NetWare
6.5SP5 server.
After I enter my userid & password at the screen saver, the console
would not unlock and the login screen would not reappear. It just
shows the two snakes criss-crossing the screen. I was able to use NRM
to login and what I saw was high utilization steady at 95%. In thread
information the 'RTV Reg 1' thread (from RTVSCAN.NLM) was hogging the
processsor. Apart from that, the server seemed fine with no abends or
other abnormal processes. The server is still usable for file and
print services if they are already loaded but we cannot load or unload
any modules on the server and the only way to get the console back is
to reboot.
Some extra info:
We load the scrsaver.nlm with the -nopassword switch from autoexec.ncf
The server is running symantec v.10.1 and receives virus definition
updates from a win2003 primary server running symantec version 10.1
Dsrepair on the network and local database show no errors
I've tried unloading scrsaver through NRM but without success. It
doesn't unload.
Hyperthreading is turned off in the bios, it's just a dual processor

Any suggestions on what or how to fix it?


Jarrett Mack

new info:
I've just looked into the file system and the SYS:SAV\I2_LDVP.VDB
directory has both the old virus def folder and the new virus def
folder. When compared to the other NW65SP5 servers we are running
using the same sav client, the I2_LDVP.VDB folder only contains the
current virus definition folder, no old def folders. Looks like the
server is hanging while trying to update it's virus definitions.

This has now happended to another of our nw65sp5 servers.
I haven't experienced this with any of the servers that we do not lock
with scrsaver.

Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated.

Jarrett Mack