I have a 6.5 SP5 server that I use CRON to start and stop a Follett
service. When I use cron to execute the stopfls.ncf file, it will
abend the server.

unload dbsrv8.nlm

# This ncf file will start the TextLink Database Server.
load VOL1:\apps\follett\tlserver\nlm\dbsrv8.nlm -n SMSTLV50 -o
VOL1:\apps\follett\tlserver\tlsrv.log -ti 0 -c 30M -tl 300 -x TCPIP -z
VOL1:\apps\follett\tlserver\data\tlsite\tlsite.db -n tlsite

If I type the command "unload dbsrv8" it will stop and unload without
abending. Does anyone have any suggestions were to look at fixing this?