Last night one of my NW6.5 (sp5) servers had abended. Upon restart, it has no access to NDS.
DSrepair shows that "This server's DIB does not contain any replicas". I was able to make another
server at the location the master replica for the partition.

Attemting to repair the local database on the server in question exits immediately and the log

ERROR: Insufficient disk space or missing files, Error: -6038
NOTICE: Unable to update repair status. Error: -601

I found a TID that mentioned running dsrepair -Av would help this, but when I tried I got a red
screen with the message:

Error: Unable to do a physical check on the DIB. Error: -6038

I then tried to remove all the replicas off the server (using dsrepair -XK2 -XK3), with the idea that
I'd re-backlink it afterwords, but it stops with the same messages.

I'm officially out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated at this point.