I have a Small Business server running on a PC. The system was up and
running when it up and failed one day. I have been trying to get it
back up. (Have a few things that is not backed up).

When I boot the PC, I get:
"Pool SYS? System data I/O error 20203(zio.c[447])
Block 1003949(file block 1003949)(ZID2176)
Netware Configuration File Transfer Cache to dir error:0x3
Registry rolling back to last known good registry file"

I have tried to run "nss /poolverify" but it is blank
I have tried to do an upgrade giving a "[inst:upgrade]" but get this
"An update must be attempted on a running server before trying to
upgrade a server that is powered down state."

What am I doing wrong? How do I bring back the server?

Thanks for the help!!