I'm an OES Linux newbie so this is probably an easy question, but I've been reading the manual and I'm having problems getting it to work.

I've just installed Novell OES Linux and I'm having trouble with trustee rights. I have the server installed into my existing NDS tree. I'm logging in with my normal NDS name and password. I have admin rights. I can use Windows explorer to browse to the OES Linux server and I see a volume called SYS. I can copy files into that volume. I can find those files located on the server in /media/nss/sys. So far so good!

On a Netware box I could easily right click a directory and give any rights to any user or group in NDS and then map a drive letter (or UNC path or let them browse) to that folder. How do I do that in OES Linux? For example, I want to give just certain people in my NDS tree rights to copy files into the document root of the Apache webserver.

Thanks for any help.