Just installed an OES server. I have an FTP server running on it and I'm
trying to manage access with LUM'd groups.

In iManager,I have LUM'd a handful of users. I also created a few groups
and LUM'd them as well. When I setup the first user to be a LUM user, I
set a default LUM group as well. I could only set one group, so I went
back and added the user to the other LUM'd groups.

However,when I log in as a LUM user and execute the "Groups" command it
only shows the primary LUM group?

Doing a groupmod -A comes back with "the group does not exist". However,
I can do a chgrp command just fine with any LUM group. Weird?

Anyways, I can create local groups in Linux and add LUM users to them.
This at least works like I want...but shouldn't I be able to this with
LUM groups?