We currently have multiple Netware 6.0SP4 in our tree.
SLPDA is active and functionnal on 2 of these servers.
When viewing info with display slp services, everything show up correctly.

We recently had two OES lINUX in the same tree, and i would like these
servers to show up correctly under slp.
So far, on ssh & ntp are registered when i issue a display slp services.
on both linux, i get
WARNING: Reconnect tries to agent at exceeded maximum. It
is possible that the agent is malicious. Check it out!

in the /var/log/slpd.log is one of my netware slpda

my slp.conf looks like this
net.slp.DAAddresses =,
net.slp.useScopes = SCOPE_CSH
net.slp.traceDATraffic = true
net.slp.traceReg = true
net.slp.MTU = 1450

where 101 & 102 are my netware servers

any clue ?