Hello everyone,

I am installing a native Unix app on an NSS volume (OES Linux).

I am logged in via a Windows PC with Novell client 4.9.

When I look at the files from a shell prompt, I notice the permissions
are inappropriate. That is, OES gave full permissions (777) to everyone
AND the owner is a large number instead of displaying the name of the
logged-in user.

This question is really about setting file attributes on an NSS volume.
I know that if I change to owner through ConsoleOne, it will change the
Unix owner (but not for this user, I still get the large number for some

But, how do I change the group on NSS files/directories? chgrp does not
appear to work.
Where is the user and group info kept? it's not in /etc/passwd and

Is anyone running native unix apps on an NSS volume? If so, how did you
setup the file permissions? I do now want to leave everything at 777.