Two questions.
We are using two OES linux servers, with a shared SAN, with NSS Volumes

Users are created via ldap, home directory directly at the server
console and rights to homevol automaticly all that throught a script.

Is there a way to assing home directory quota (can be user quota or
directory quota) automaticly to those users ?
any command line command ?
it is possible through the novell client for windows, iManager, but
these way are not really scriptable friendly....
I know FileSystem factory, but that's just available for Netware...

Also, assigning a user the trustee Create & FileScan to a directory
should allow the user to create file in this directory, without being
able to modify it ?
It doesn't work with Windows XP, just Windows 98.
I've tried that on OES linux with nss & a plain ncp share, results are
the same. Same results on Netware 5.1 with trad volumes

any idea ?

Thanks Marc