I have the following problem

The technical information:
1.Server Netware 5.1 SP8, volume TFS(FAT), russian file names in cp866
2.Server OES Linux 1.0, volume NSS, UTF-8 encoding.
3.Servers are in the same eDir tree.

I need to migrate data with the minimal losses, from the TFS volume to the
NSS volume.

I tried to make it using Novell Consolidation Utility version 4.0
It has given me the folloving error message:
'NWSMTS error: An invalid path was used.' (Source Server: HERON Path:
'/media/nss/SOFT/Test/ /*
.doc' Error: 'fffdffdc' Function: 'NWSMTSWriteDataSet'
Migerror.log message: 0xfffdffdc NWSMTSWriteDataSet HERON
/media/nss/SOFT/Test/ /* .doc)

With Novell Consolidation Utility 4.1beta - same story.

What can you advice me with this problem?