Hello again!

I tried the last 3 hours to configure pam_nam for ssh login with edirectory
The user in edir is extended with the posix attributes and is working well
with any other linux client using ldap, but not with oes.

In the ldap trace I can see that pam_nam does a search for the user, gets
the result with the user name and context and tries a bind with the full
qualified username. But there is a "authentication failed, error 669"
message. The password is correct and that user has supervisor rights on the
edir tree and is also a member of a lum group configured for that unix
workstation object. So I think that user should have access to the

Two things are a little bit different configured, maybe they are the problem

1.) universal password is not activated in our tree
2.) the oes/linux server itself has no replica on it, but I point in the
nam.conf file to a server that has a replica of the user context

Any hints would be really great !