Probably dumb question; Samba is able to "recognize" symbolic link
created in a shared directory exposed to WIN32 Client.

How can I realize same goal using an NSS file-system exposed via NCP

/dev/media/NSS/VOL1 is a volume mounted on an NSS file-system
In VOL1 I have create a sym-link to another path

== Scenario 1
VOL1 is accessible like NCP server and with a Novell Client32; no
problem; its working nice; but I'm unable to view symlink

== Scenario 2
VOL1 is exposed like Samba resource; with a standard client (no Novell
Client installed) I'm able to view symlink.

== Question
I'm believe that there is an obvious limitation of NCP Server, that is
unable to 'map' symbolic links; my goal is to use only NCP on an NSS
partition, *without* Samba server, but I'm believe that NCP server is
unable to realize my request.

Any confirmation or suggest? Where I'm wrong?