I am not sure if this is the correct forum to put this but here is a list of
software we are using on Linux witch may help someone -

Webmin - http://www.webmin.com/

Great web app lets you configure/restart all your application from a single
web front-end and it runs its own web server so if apache crashes this still

NxClient - http://www.nomachine.com/

Works just like Terminal services

Dotproject - http://www.dotproject.net/

Probably the best piece of free open source project management software out

Otrs - http://otrs.org/

Another great piece of open software Ticket system

I am not connected to any of these organisations but just thought I would
share with you all the type of software we are running on our systems

Good luck



Maybe we should have a forum witch caters for software like the above to
make it easier for people to look up