Just been thinking about putting together a cron.weekly script for
updates through Red Carpet.

There seems to be a problem with just scheduling rug refresh && rug pin
oes:* in that I noticed is that rug pin oes:* seems to take up a lot of
resources and does things even there aren't any new patches. I've had
the rcd daemon hit a loop somewhere and go 99% utilization indefinitely
several times doing this too. Hopefully rug, which is a fantastic
product but needs some more cleanup on OES will get there, but in the
meantime, I was wondering if anyone had a better suggestion for
automated red carpet updates than what I'm going to do:

quick shell script that call rug refresh, then does a rug pl -u to see
if there are any new patches, then greps the output, and does indivual
rug pin calls for each patch, i.e. rug pin oes:patch-10464. This will
hopefully prevent the ugly problems with rug pin oes:*.

By the way, this only happens with the rug patching functionality (the
new YaST Online Updatt stuff that was added in OES). All the old rug
update stuff works fine and without any weird cpu utilization bugs or
anything like that :).

If anyone has a more elegant way, let me know, otherwise I'll whip up
this script (take me about a half hour or so) and post it. Thanks.

Justin Grote
Network Architect
JWG Networks