I am an administrator on a 100 computer/8 Server Novell network. We are
trying to implement our first OES linux server with Edirectory and NSS
running FTP services.

We installed OES linux and joined our existing test tree. VSFTPD is loaded
and working when connecting with local linux users accounts (root, admin,
etc)… we are hung up on using PAM -> LUM -> EDirectory for user
authentication. Ultimately we would like to use an EDirectory user for all
incoming FTP connections (all outside clients share the same account for
simplicity) and [more importantly] have the FTP directory/account home
directory on an NSS volume.

From IManager, we configured LUM properly (per instructions from novell)
and converted our Edirectory users to LUM users (LUM enabled them).
IManager reports back “successful”. We configured LDAP properly, and LUM
enabled all available PAM-aware services in IManager. We have the following
vsftpd pam file in the /etc/pam.d directory. Again, local users can log in
thru ftp, put files, etc. Edirectory users that I KNOW are LUM enabled
cannot authenticate. "incorrect password", and nothing in the VSFTPD.log file.


• What are we missing?
• IManager only lets you enable “FTP” services for use with LUM. Does this
cover all FTP programs, or would I specifically have to enable the VSFTPD
program somehow?
• What about the PAM user name variable in my vsftpd.conf file (see below –
I don’t understand this at all – does PAM query LDAP, and if so, how do I
configure the authentication)


Any clues would be greatly appreciated.