First, sorry if this isn't the correct group.

I've an OES server that I use as an installation server, I've successfully
created install sources for SLES9, OES, OESSP1 and suse10 (cd version) and
have successfully installed several servers/workstations from those sources
(via http). So here's my issue.

I've been unable to configure an install source for suse10 using an ISO file
of the DVD. From within Yast (ncurses version) when I am asked to browse to
the directory where the images are stored, my suse10 dvd iso file does not
even appear in the list (yes,I have checked the use ISO images instead of
cd's checkbox)

As I mentioned before, I have successfully created an install source for
suse10 using the CD ISO's and it works properly but no luck with the DVD
ISO file.

Is there a filesize limitation in Yast ? or am I missing something...

If I mount the 8gb ISO on a suse10 workstation on loop0 and add te mount
point to the configured sources in yast it works properly so I suspect that
the ISO is valid.

Any ideas ?