I've installed OESsp1 for linux into an NW65sp4 (OES) tree and I'm
trying to setup samba. Novell Samba is installed, and following the
documentation, I am trying to enable a user to use samba. In iManager I
select Samba Management/ Enable Linux User for Samba. I select my user,
and with OK I get the following message: "A sambaDomain object was not
found. Enabling a user for Samba requires that a sambaDomain object
exist in either the same container as the user object or in one of that
container's hierarchical parents (as defined by the ldap suffix in

I can find no sambaDomain object anywhere in my tree. the ldap suffix in
smb.conf points to my O container, but there is nothing that I
recognize there as a sambaDomain object.

Also, when I create a new user, I don't get a message to automatically
create this user as linux user, nor does the samba enabler message come
either. Any ideas?

I have found (so far) no mention in the Novell documentation regarding
this sambaDomain object. If anyone can point me specifically to this
reference I'd be grateful.