I've run into some trouble using namcd on OES Linux SP1. It seems a bit
overzealous on caching.

What I've tried is remove a LUM-enabled user from some LUM-enabled groups,
and then examine the results on a LUM-enabled box with
enable-persistent-cache set to YES in nam.conf. Turns out NAM never seems
to learn that the user was removed from said groups. Reducing the caching
period (persistent-cache-refresh-period) to as little as 1 second doesn't
change a thing, neither does stopping namcd, removing the dotfiles in
/var/nam, and restarting namcd. Group membership just stays the same as far
as NAM is concerned.

Setting enable-persistent-cache to NO in nam.conf causes this problem to
disappear, though of course username and group resolution becomes painfully
slow. Enabling persistent caching again and restarting namcd after throwing
away the cache files reinstates the old problem yet again.

I'm confused. Are there any other, additional caching mechanisms in place
with regard to NAM? Are there some files, in addition to those in /var/nam,
that I need to wipe out in order to truly reinitialize the cache?

On the box in question, nscd is disabled, of course. Just in case you were
wondering. :-)