A simple question: does anyone have OES (SP2) running sharing NSS
volumes as a "normal" file server?

I've had continual problems trying to make NSS and non-NSS volumes
available to users (see thread "<volume> is unavailable"), and I'm now
as the stage where I'm ready to abandon OES and move back to NetWare.

NCP looks fine on the server, and I can get *one* user logged in and
able to browse the volumes. A second connection from a seperate
workstation (using the same credentials) gets a "<volume> is
unavailable" or "no network provider accepted the given network path"
error when trying to browse to \\servername\volume. It's not an NSS
problem, as \\servername\SYS behaves in exactly the same way.

And I'm b"ggered if I'm going to fork out $$$ for a support call to get
something as simple as file serving working correctly. So far the OES
Linux experience has been 2 steps forward, one step back and this may be
the straw that breaks the donkey's jawbone :/