Hi all,

I have noticed a problem when connecting to a Linux server running
eDirectory if NCP packet signature level on client's side is set to 3.
Strange to see how Windows XP client behaves in such a case: When a
valid user/password (DS dialog) is entered, the client asks again
(Bindery dialog) and then it fails, no drive mapped. It seems that a
connection to the server is established, but it remains in "Not
Authenticated" state (red N / Novell Connections...). Doing the similar
thing on a Linux box with "ncpmount -i 3" command, I'm getting the
following error message:

Unable to negotiate requested security level: Signature level conflict

Everything works fine for lower levels (1, 2) and I assume that no
packet signing is negotiated. It looks like there is a problem to
negotiate packet signing if forced or it is not supported on server's
side. Very strange...

Thanks in advance,